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Monday, July 31, 2006

Automatic Ebay Business!

Automate eBay eBook Delivery For Free!
By James Penn

As an eBay eBook seller you have the ability to automate a lot of your work – starting with digital delivery. You can automate for free using Outlook Express and here’s how you do it.

Setting Up Your Message Rule

At the top Menu Link, Find the word/link: "Message", click it. From the menu displayed, select: "Create Rule From Message. .".

A new window will appear giving you multiple check boxes to select from.

Here are the ones you MUST check:

1. Select the Conditions for your rule:

"Where the Subject line contains specific words"

2. Select the Actions for your rule:

"Move it to the specified folder"


"Reply with message"

Now, 3. is where you will be setting all these rules up that you have previously selected under numbers 1. and 2. Inside the small text box area of 3., you will see several words that are links. Click on each of them so that these rules can be set up successfully.

For the first rule, you will want to enter the following text in the appropriate text field once you click the linked words: "contains specific words". . .

Item #00000000 Notification of Payment Received

You will need to replace the zero's above with your actual auction listing number which you can find inside your "My Ebay" area.

The next rule you want to adjust is the "specified" text link provided inside 3. text field.

For this, you may want to create a special folder for all incoming Ebay Auction Payments for your listings to better keep track of them and to separate them from other payments you receive from other sources if you are running other types of businesses online. You can name the folder anything you wish and when you click on the above text, you will be given the option to create a "New Folder".

The last and final rule you will want to adjust is the "message" text link provided to you. This is when you will need the email message you made up earlier. Click on the "message" link and a new window will open up ready to accept your settings for the specific email message you created to be sent out. Find it on your hard drive and select it as the message that will be sent out for your auction listing as a payment is received.

Then, hit the "OK" button. And close the Message Rule settings window.

Now, Open up the "Tools" > "Message Rules" > "Mail" and find the Message Rule that you just created. Highlight the name of the message rule, usually it will be "New Mail Rule #1" if you did not give it a specific name earlier.

Then, click on the "Apply Now" button. It will apply the rule immediately to all incoming messages to your inbox. Then simply hit "OK" to exit. And you'll be all set for automation!

You can follow the above process and create as many email message rules as you like if you have different items up for auction.

If you can afford it however you should consider purchasing an eBook delivery programme. Outlook only sends the eBook when you are online so is not ideal if you are away from the computer for a long time.

James Penn is an experienced eBay eBook seller and owner of make money on eBay website http://www.auction-enterprise.com If you are looking for more advanced auto delivery software then you can purchase My Digital Dispatch from this link http://www.auction-enterprise.com/mydd.html

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Penn

Friday, July 14, 2006

How To Become A Billionaire Overnight

Foreclosures Offer New Opportunities
By Martin Lukac

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Foreclosures are being considered "golden opportunities", according to a recent report.

Foreclosure.com Mid-year Analysis indicates that roughly 30% of foreclosure inventory is exchanging hands every month. In comparison, only 17.7% of existing homes on the market sold in May 2006, according to the National Association of Realtors.

The national inventory of existing homes for sale has increased for five straight months to 3,604,000 in May, up from 2,883,000 homes in January.

New foreclosures have increased from 23,982 in January to 26,802 in June. Active foreclosure levels have actually dropped to 89,802 in June, down from 95,073 in January.

"Everything we are seeing in the current climate in the real estate industry is driven by rising interest rates and a sluggish housing market," said Brad Geisen, president and CEO of Foreclosure.com. "This has fueled interest in the foreclosure market, creating golden opportunities for investors and people looking for good deals on homes.

"In recent years, Buyers had the ability to buy more property than perhaps they could afford, thanks to low-interest loans," he added. "That's changing. While just a year ago sellers were in the driver's seat, foreclosure rates over the last six-months suggest buyers now have the upper hand."

Georgia ranks the highest in foreclosure rates at this point in 2006. It is followed by Indiana, Colorado, Michigan and Texas.

The Midwest leads the country in foreclosures for the past two years in a row. Although a large number of properties remain on the market, Midwest foreclosure rates are leveling off.

"Our mid-year analysis leads us to believe the Midwest is less prone to a worsening foreclosure situation. But there still exists a high number of properties available, which creates a good buying environment," Geisen explained.

Martin Lukac represents http://www.RateEmpire.com and http://www.1AmericanFinancial.com, a finance web-company specializing in real estate and mortgage rates. We specialize in daily updates, mortgage news, rate predictions, mortgage rates and more. Find low home loan mortgage interest rates from hundreds of mortgage companies!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Martin_Lukac

How To Become A Billionaire Overnight
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In my garage, I had a red Lamborghini Diablo, a yellow Ferrari 360 Spider, a white Bentley Arnage Red Label, about 4 Mercedes, and a 12-passenger Lincoln Town Car Limo!

My checking account had over $10 Million in it. I was earning $400,000 in pay each and every week. That breaks down to $80,000 a day... or $10,000 an hour! And those figures were if I worked 5 days a week for eight hours a day, which I didn’t!

In the year 2002, I made more money than the CEOs of Federal Express... eBay... Amazon.com... Time Warner... Apple Computer... McDonalds... Microsoft... Nike... Yahoo... Ford Motor Company... General Motors... and Goodyear Tire- COMBINED!


In the May 12th, 2003 issue, Forbes Magazine listed their top paid 500 CEOs in America. Of their prominent and prestigious list of the 500 CEOs, I made more money than 483 of them.

$17,549,000 MORE than the CEO of Starbucks.

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I remember back when I was 18, I was sitting on the steps of my Aunt’s home. A few doors down from her lived a girl I went to High School with. Anyway, while I was out there sitting on her steps smoking a Marlboro, I saw a red Mercedes Benz SL500 pull up at this girl’s home.

Some preppy geek got out of the car with his sweater wrapped around his neck and went to her front door. He was picking her up for a weekend trip I presumed because she made him carry a small duffel bag to the trunk of his shiny red Mercedes.

Things were sure different from when we were both in High School together. Where that girl may have had no problem going out with me back then... nowadays her boyfriends had to be financially accomplished. When I saw that freaking red Mercedes pull away and drive past me, I remember saying to myself, “I’ve got to get my shit together!” And I did. About a year later- I had the very same model and color Mercedes Benz SL500 in my garage.

How did I get the car? I didn’t steal it. I didn’t win the lottery. I sure didn’t receive an inheritance from some long lost relative who just kicked the bucket. I made the money on my own. I started from scratch with nothing but a pen, a pad, and a crazy idea. I’m now going to teach you how to do the same.

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I have a theory about most consultants- they are like the guy who knows 365 sexual positions… but cannot get a date on Friday night!

The ONLY people who actually “KNOW” what they’re talking about (in my opinion) is the Multi-Millionaire Direct Marketers running their own 7… 8… and 9-figure empires.


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* How to protect your assets from unscrupulous “Alphabet Agencies” who are looking to ROB you of your hard-earned profits- even if you’re doing it legitimately. I’ve lost $48 MILLION BUCKS in one day by leaving all my assets “VISABLE.” I’ll reveal the entire story in How I Made $77 Million In 2 Years- And You Can Too!- it’ll leave you shaking your head in pure HORROR!

* And probably the best chapter in the entire course is the LAST CHAPTER where I’ll reveal how YOU can hire (in my opinion) the BEST Direct Marketing consultant for just $13.70 a day! When you got this guy in your corner- you’ll never be on your own again- possibly making the wrong choices… and he’s so CHEAP- anyone can hire him!

And so much more- I’m going to make you question everything you’ve ever learned about Direct Response- no matter what “expert” you got it from!

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All the techniques used to do the following are found and documented
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- An average “hack” golfer creates a video for a few hundred dollars, which teaches other hacks to drive longer, farther and straighter. He sells this video for $39.95.

- A dermatologist creates a line of skincare products. She sells so many kits a month that she makes $650 MILLION A YEAR!

- A fitness expert creates an exercise video series and sells 40,000 customers a month at $50 a pop!

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If you’re still having a hard time thinking of a product or service- don’t worry... I will teach you how to create the perfect product people will actually want to buy- even if your best skill is sitting on your ass- seriously.

Now understand- this is NOT information you’ll find in the 100’s of ad writing and marketing books out there in the “mainstream”... And you definitely will NOT find this level of information in the curriculum of the top universities in the country! You can only learn this from someone who’s done it before- like me.

Over the past 12 years, I have tested, tweaked, and recorded techniques that almost-magically force people from all over the country to fill a mailbox with thousands of cash orders. NOBODY teaches like I do because NOBODY, (except a handful of millionaire moguls) know all of these secrets. Now for the first time ever- I’m willing to teach a few lucky people looking to accomplish the American Dream.

The Cost To Master The Skill That Never Stops Rewarding You:

I’ll be honest with you- my system is NOT cheap by any means. It’ll cost you $89 plus $8 S&H to ship the entire thing to you. It’s a huge book!

If the $97 price is going to keep you from feeding your family tonight- please do not buy it. I only want serious “players” to have access to this information.

Also- this product is sold WITHOUT a money-back guarantee. Here’s what Gary Halbert has to say about that:

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Vincent James
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The average net profit of people in this kind of business is $75,000 per year, before taxes. Most began on a part-time basis, operating out of their homes. Within a short period of time, varying with expenditure of time and effort, most have luxurious professional office suites with many clients from all over the country calling and asking for help. Perhaps best of all, this is a business you can operate with nothing more than a part-time secretary/bookkeeper, a telephone, and business cards.

There are many facets of this kind of business, which involve bringing lenders and borrowers together for venture capital, operating capital, expansion capital, and of course, mortgages of all kinds. Concerning mortgages, look at it from this point of view: Almost every building in the country - homes, office buildings, factories, apartments - has a mortgage on it, and somebody is making some really big commissions bringing together the people wanting the money and the people wanting to lend the money.

A business financing or money brokerage business is the ideal sideline business for real estate brokers, sales persons involved in business sales, investment brokers, attorneys, accountants, and retirees from almost any occupation. This is definitely one of the truly recession-proof businesses that actually seems to flourish in times of tight money.


Each year, more than 10 million business loan applications are filed with the banks in this country. It is not uncommon for these banks to be working on more than 250,000 business loans each week, in amounts ranging from $25,000 to well over a million dollars. About 65 percent of the loans actually granted by the banks are short-term commercial loans; only about 25 percent are for longer terms, with fewer than ten percent granted for
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It should then be obvious that the banks in this country are neither speedy nor generous in giving loans to the beginning or small business entrepreneur. Such business people usually ask for loans of longer duration than the banks are willing to grant. It is easy to see that in a beginning business, smaller installment payments will reduce pressure on the borrower, and allow him to put more of the profits back into the business. In most cases, these small business owners need much more than the banks are willing to allow without all kinds of guaranteed collateral. And that, of course, is the reason why people needing money for their business success turn to business financing consultants, which provides you the opportunity for success in this field.

You'll find that beginning or small business persons are always on the lookout for professional business financing services. They always seem to need more money than they have available, and they never seem to get quite the help or satisfaction they seek from the banks. The pressing need for more capital is not something that plagues only the beginning or new business. It is an ongoing need in almost every growing business also. In fact, the need for a continuing input of new money is a necessary part of the growth cycle of every business. Generally, the "little guy"' just doesn't have the extra cash from last year; he does not have the money it takes to set up a stock market program; and he doesn't have the time to devote to (or he doesn't want to attempt to "sell" his friends) an investment program in his business.

Sometimes these small business people will talk with their accountants, lawyers or stockbrokers and ask them to help in finding people with money to invest. Most accountants, lawyers and stockbrokers are in touch with clients who have money they are
willing to invest in growing businesses, or people with "sure-fire" money-making ideas.

Whether these professional people do or do not have special clients with money to invest in special "deals" is of no consequence. The important thing is that these people are always being asked by someone if they know of a source of money, or if they know of someone who can locate an investor for them. With this in mind, and once you're set up in business, it will behoove you to contact these people - the accountants, lawyers, and stockbrokers in your area - to get to know as many of them as you can, and to leave your business card, so they will be aware of your services.


Generally, the money broker or person operating a business financing service will work with his or her clients in putting the loan application package together in such a way that it will receive favorable consideration by the lender. You'll have the names, addresses and telephone numbers of lenders from all over the world, people and firms interested in investing in all kinds of different business ideas and for virtually any amount of money. When you have a complete loan application ready for presentation, you'll select the lenders or firms interested in that kind of business or investment. Either send or present the loan
application package to them. One thing is most important: When you present a loan application package to a lender, be sure to have the date and time of your presentation certified by a notary public. When you send a loan application to a lender, be sure to certify the mailing of your package with the Post Office.

Once you "open your doors" for business, there will be no shortage of people coming to you for their money needs. The problem will be electing just the requests you know, logically, stand a reasonable chance of approval. Everybody wants and needs
money; once you announce that you can get loans for people who need them, you will be overwhelmed with requests. It will be up to you to utilize your time, expertise, and effort according to the greatest profit potential.


You can start from the kitchen table in your home if necessary. You'll need a telephone and unless you have someone to act as a secretary, you should employ a telephone answering service. You can probably get by with a telephone answering machine, but because you're dealing with money, it's important that you project an image of success (and a telephone answering machine quickly identifies you as being a one-person operation).

In addition to a telephone, you will also need business cards. These, of course, should be of a fine quality (this is not a very large expenditure). They, should simply state your name, followed by the name of your services - Business Financial Services. You
may list your phone number in the upper left-hand corner, something such as "Money for Every Need" in the lower right-hand corner, and of course your name and firm name centered in the middle. Assuming you are working out of your home, once you have
moved into an office, you would certainly want to make new cards showing your business address.

It wouldn't hurt to have a calculator, a typewriter, and at least a small file cabinet as you set up your business. But just as people got along before without these amenities, you can make do until you can afford this equipment.

Once you are organized in a work area and with the basics for operating your business, the next move will be to get the word out that you're ready to offer your services to people needing money, and for people who are willing to invest. This means advertising, visiting, making contact in some way with both the people needing money, and those wanting to realize a profit in the process of lending their money. And don't forget - often those who do not go with you for one reason or another may supply you with fine referrals.

The more you advertise and talk to people about your services, the more successful your business is going to be. So first of all, we suggest you run an ad in the classified section of your local newspapers. It might read like this:

MONEY AVAILABLE! Business start-ups, expansion needs,
construction loans, cash-flow problems. Call 123-4567.

You should run such an advertisement in as many of your area papers as you can afford, every day, for at least a month. This means that you'll have to have an advertising budget, with the money either coming in (or available) to meet these costs before you even contract to run your first ad. (This is part of the necessary planning that has to be done before you actually open for business.)

At the same time you're running the ad inviting people to come to you for their money needs, you should also be running a daily ad such as this one:

$350,000 NEEDED! Will pay maximum interest. Growing business,
excellent profits and tax benefits. Call 123-4567.

Now the purpose of the first ad is to build your list of people wanting money - needing loans that you can process. The purpose of the second ad is to build your list of investors in your area with money to put into some of these business proposals you get from the first ad. Obviously, you'll get more people wanting to borrow money than people with money to invest; but once you begin running these two advertisements, you'll be on your way.

When you place your first ads, start checking and following up on similar ads you see running in your area newspapers. Usually, they will be listed under "Financial Loans Wanted," or "Money to Loan." However, don't neglect to check the "Business Opportunities Wanted" classification as well.

When someone calls in response to your "Money Available" ad vertisement, who ever is acting as your secretary should get the name of the caller, the name of the business, the telephone number, amount of money needed, kind of business, and most appropriate time for a consultation. This can be handled most efficiently with preprinted telephone message pads. So you simply collect information from all these incoming calls, look it all
over and start making your call-backs.

Basically, your call-back conversation should sound something like this: "Hello, John Jones? This is Mr. Money Broker returning your call about money for business financing. I understand that you're looking for about $100,000 in order to set up an auto tune-up shop. You stated that you are already pretty well organized with a business plan and location, and that you feel you have pretty good collateral. That's very good. Before
we talk any further, however, I'd like to tell you a little about our company.

"We represent a number of large lending organizations for business financing, as well as a number of private investors who are looking for new ideas and businesses to invest in. Their primary requirement, of course, is that they be assured of getting their money back, but further that they will make money from such an investment.

"What I do is work with you in preparing your loan or investment package so that it will be attractive when it is presented to prospective lenders. It is very important that your proposal be complete and in the proper order. It is also of the greatest importance that it "look good," and "sell" the people it is taken to. The prospective lender must feel confident in granting you a loan or investing in your business. Once we've got your presentation together, I then take it to some of my lending or investment sources and work toward obtaining you the money you need.

"As I'm sure you're already aware, it's most important that your proposal be prepared properly, and presented to the people who are in a position to give you the money you're asking for. I work with you to see that your proposal is the best my people have ever seen, and then I take it to the people who have the money and are looking for a good investment. For this, I require a $100 broker's retainer fee. I then go to work on your specific money needs. What we need to do now is set up a time and date for me to
meet with you so that I may review your proposal. Would tomorrow morning at 10:00 be all right with you, or would 11:00 be better?"

The important thing is to be in control of this telephone conversation; to tell the prospect only what you want him to think about; and to sell him on the idea of getting on with it by paying the broker's retainer fee of $100. Only after you have collected that, of course, will you start to work on evaluating his plan and getting him the money he needs.

When you go to see your prospect, you'll need to have a printed "broker's agreement" ready for him to sign at the time he pays the retainer fee. An example of a basic or simple broker's agreement is shown here.

(Feel free to use the following form as a pattern for your own agreement, or you may even want to cut it out, paste it up, and have your printer run off a supply for you. If you do cut out and use the form, you will of course place your business name, address and telephone number in the space "Your Name and Address" at the top. Also, be sure to block out the instructions on the signature lines.



The undersigned, __(Borrower's Name)__ , hereby appoints __(Your Name)__ as his Agent, and authorized him to submit to lenders financial data and information supplied by the borrower for the purpose of the lender making a loan or investment direct to the undersigned. The undersigned agrees to pay to __(Your Name)__ a fee of _____% of the amount of the loan or investment obtained. The undersigned hereby pays to __(Your Name)__ $_________ as a non-returnable fee for time involved in appraising feasibility of the loan requested. This fee is separate from any other fees due if loan is obtained.

Date_____________________ Borrower_____________________________________

Once you are organized and rolling, you'll find that most of your day-to-day in come will be derived from the packaging of loan applications. Once your client has signed the broker's agreement and given you his check for the retainer fee, you'll be helping him to get his loan or investment proposal together. This is the first thing to do, and you HAVE to do this regardless of any forms your client has already filled our, or anything he may have done relative to a loan proposal.

First give your client a detailed list of information he'll need to have within his loan or investment package. Because requirements do change from time to time, you will want to give your client the most up-to-date requirements in this regard. Go to several of the banks in your area and ask their loan officers for a copy of their loan application forms. Use these forms as your guide in making up the detailed list of requirements you will use in working with your client. If you need additional assistance, write one of the several organizations listed at the end of this report.

When you have the package put together and ready for presentation to a lender, take it back to your client and brief him on how to present it to prospective lenders, and generally you would give him the names and addresses of the people you feel will be most
likely to listen to his presentation. He makes the presentation to the local prospects, and contacts your other possible sources by mail. If he needs further help from you, you would charge him a per-hour counselling fee, plus consulting charge for any special or extra time spent working with him.

Overall, you should position yourself and your service to the client in order to collect a "finder's fee" of 1/2% to 10% of the amount of money actually loaned to or invested in his business. A flat fee of $100 to $250 as a broker's retainer fee for helping
him with his loan presentation when he does most of the work - an outright fee of 1% for the total preparation of his presentation package - and a consultant's fee of $50 to $100 per hour for any additional time expended on the project. These are your "bread butter" services that will establish you as a professional, and keep you in business until you score with a big commission from perhaps a million dollar loan. You have to involve yourself in
these services, because they'll make the difference between your going broke or really succeeding in the money brokering industry.

Indeed, you'll become more efficient with each experience with a client. You'll soon recognize which proposals to concentrate your attention on, and of course, which ones to scan briefly and hand back to a loan seeker. The more you deal with money professionals, too, the sharper you'll become - and consequently, the more money you will make. Money professionals know what types of loans are possible or likely from each of their different funding sources; thus, they'll present only those having the best chances of success. You will quickly become well versed in the current lending and investment trends, and acquainted with the lending rates and requirements of your loan sources. As you review, assist and put together each of the request-for-money proposals, your knowledge will improve your ability to package specific requests, and to "sell" a loan proposal. Just keep in mind that every time a loan is approved, or when one of your sources decides to invest in a client's business, you'll be taking a financial cut right off the top.

Right here I'd like to assure that you don't have to be either a financial genius or a super sales person. All you really have to know is how to put together a proposal properly, and acquire a list of sources interested in lending money or investing in a venture to obtain a profit.

You'll find that most of the borrowers you sign to assist in finding money for are unaware that they will have very little if anything to say about the terms of the loan that may be finally granted. You'll find that most of them are already convinced that they have the ultimate idea for a business that will make everyone involved rich. Almost all of them are trying to get started with little or no money of their own, and they'll think that whatever the prevailing interest rate, it's to o much.

Your first chore will be to screen these people. Explain the facts of life to them, and don't waste your time with them if you have the feeling they'll reject or refuse to accept a loan you line up for them because of interest rates. If they've been to most of the regular loan sources in your area, they'll know that when they want or need money, it's the lender who dictates the terms of the loan. A prospective borrower soon learns the prime
rate that is published is almost never used. Actually, the prevailing prime rate plus two percent is generally a good rate of interest for most small businesses. In most cases, such loans have to be well secured with collateral not associated with the business.

Most of your would-be borrowers will not qualify for the prime plus two percent rate. Business experience, coupled with the type of business involved, will almost always put them in the "high risk" loan category. After you have your retainer fee, you have to educate your would-be borrowers in this regard. For those who cannot face the facts of life about interest rates, you have to just forget.

Something else you'll have to convince your clients of: If he says he'll give up a share of his business in exchange for the use of your investor's money, he'll have to give up a very large share. Most small business investment corporations or private investors will want at least 25 percent, and more often than not, up to 49 percent. In some cases, where a half million dollars or more is provided by the investor, he may (reasonably) ask for as
much as 70 to 80 percent. Thus it's absolutely essential that you learn to qualify your would-be borrower before you get too deeply involved or waste too much of your time.

For those who can't or don't want to pay your retainer fee - I say skip them. And those who can't or don't want to pay the high risk interest rates when you let them in on the real facts of life - forget them too. And those that have been turned down by practically every lending institution in the country, I would advise you - let some beginner gain practice on them. And these are the ones you need to learn to spot while you are a beginner.

You should determine exactly how much cash and other assets your client can or is willing to put into his proposed business. You'll have to be satisfied with the character of your client as a borrower; his record of paying his bills, how he gets along with people, and his overall chances of success. You'll have to do the checking of his references and credit record. You'll have to judge how he'll make good on the loan if the business goes sour. When these questions are answered to your satisfaction, you can go on with helping him put together a proper loan proposal and work toward getting him the money he wants.

Most successful money brokers charge according to the size and type of loan being requested. This is based on the amount of work they have to put in to place the loan. If it looks like a pretty solid business with a good record on the part of the borrower, and good collateral, the fees are usually lower. On the other hand, if it's a high risk proposal or if the borrower has very little business experience and you' re going to end up doing a lot of
selling to get the loan approved, your fee should be accordingly higher.

Remember that not all loans are approved, even though they might have looked good to you in the beginning. With this in mind, you have to charge for your services and make up for the time you spend with those proposals that don't get approved by charging and collecting on those that do get approved. An example of the typical commission charges is shown below.

Loan Amount Your Fee Commission
$5,000,000 1/2% $25,000
$2,000.000 1% $20,000
$1,000,000 1.5% $15,000
$500,000 2% $10,000
$100,000 3% $3,000
$50,000 4% $2,000
$30,000 5% to 10% $1,500 to $3,000
Under $30,000 10% $750 minimum

As we stated earlier, you can start this kind of business from the comfort of your own home or apartment, and do very well. However, just as soon as you can possibly afford to, it would be to your benefit it to set up an off ice with access to the general
public. Your success and gross income will definitely benefit with an office.

You should set up your operation in a prestige location within or fairly close to the business and financial district in your area. Basically, this will be for impressing your clients, but at the same time, by locating in or near your local loan sources, you'll quickly come to know the important people on a first name basis. Perhaps the best idea would be to sublet space in a suite of offices used by an insurance company, accounting firm, or a
group of lawyers. An arrangement can often be made for their receptionist to answer your phone calls and receive your clients. With a little bit of finesse, you might even be able to have one of their secretaries handle your typing and filing.

Your office should be neat and functional, but still impressive. A large desk, comfort able chair and a credenza; perhaps a four-drawer file cabinet also. The image you project is of great importance, and being associated with a big name firm, even if only on the basis of sharing their suite of offices, will definitely be to your advantage in gaining ultimate success.

You should try to cover the walls of your office with your certificates of awards, extra-curricular courses completed, association memberships and seminar courses completed over the years. Documents of affiliation with civic groups or even reproductions of national write-ups should be framed and displayed on your office walls.

Don't forget: when planning and furnishing your office, you should also include at least one, and preferably two, visitor's chairs. A small sofa would be desirable, but really isn't necessary until you've really firmly established. The thing is, you want to project the impression of affluence and professionalism to anyone coming into your office.

The ideal situation is to have a two-person team - someone to be on the outside doing the selling, and someone on the inside handling all the processing. If you have the marketing skills, and enjoy selling, you might look for a sharp and impressive appearing person to handle the processing for you. Or if you've got the processing know-how, you might keep you eyes open for a professional appearing person who could be your "outside arm" and do most of the selling for you. Basically, and excepting for the actual preparation and selling of the loan packages, most of the inside work can be handled by clerical personnel. As you grow, however, you'll find it in your best interest to have a full-time secretary. You would train her to field incoming telephone calls, take care of filing, and do your personal typing for you. A typical loan proposal usually requires about eight hours of typing.

Regardless of how you get started, and even after you've moved into a suite of plush offices, you'll have to advertise to keep new business coming in. Besides running regular advertising in your local newspapers, you should also advertise in the local financial publications as often as you can afford it. Once you get your business rolling, you should expand your advertising coverage to include such national publications as the Wall Street Journal and the business opportunity publications.

Regarding the type of advertisement to run in these publications, we recommend that you look at money brokerage ads in these publications. Clip out some of those you especially like and have your local typesetter make one up for you, using those you've
clipped as patterns.

Any ad you run should include or list a minimum loan amount you'll handle - that is, a statement such as "$50,000 minimum to $...." This procedure will screen out the people looking for small personal loans. At the same time, it's a good idea to list a maximum amount you're capable of handling - for instance, "$50,000 minimum to $10,000,000." This will attract those who are looking for large business financing.

In addition to your local newspapers, business publications and nationally distributed papers, newsletters and magazines, it will be to your advantage to run an advertisement in the yellow pages of your telephone book and in area business directories.

Besides "regular" advertising, you should be sending out direct mail letters, letting people know that you can help them with their money problems. Some money brokers have a combination letter-display ad made up and printed on the back of postcards.
This is quite a bit less expensive than sending out letters, and could possibly downgrade your image somewhat, but on the other hand, those money brokers using postcards say they're very effective because the recipients are more likely to save a postcard than a letter.

A general description of the way the direct mail system works is: You mail out your letters or postcards to the real estate brokers and small businesses in your area. Then a couple of days later, you follow up with a phone call to these people. You identify yourself, ask if the card or letter had been received, and then ask how things are going - if perhaps you can be of any help to them. Finally, you ask them to keep you in mind, and to be sure to let you know if something comes up that you can handle.

About one-third of the people you talk to will say that they don't immediately need money, but they know of individuals or business looking for help. When you do get a referral, be sure to elicit as much information as possible, then make a contact with them.

You can also send out letters in search of lenders or private investors. All of these efforts are helpful in establishing and building your business.

When you have put a loan or an investment proposal together, and you intend to sell it to a lender, you should first call the lending officer or the head of that lending organization. If you want to present your package to a private investor, you will more
than likely have to call his attorney, broker or investment counselor.

The purpose of your telephone call is to set up an appointment in order to present your package in person. Thus, during the course of this telephone call, you should brief the lender on the highlights of your client's loan proposal. If he's interested, he'll probably want you to send him a written summary. After he's received the summary and decided he's interested, he'll get back to you and set up an interview with you, and then with you and your client.

You and the borrower should rehearse the entire loan proposal and have all examples, charts and graphic illustrations ready to go for a winning presentation. Any lender willing to listen at all wants to hear the full story, and when they have a question,
they want the answer without hesitation. So be sure you're ready when you show up for that loan-selling interview - with a complete presentation.

Once you start processing loan applications, you'll find that about 80 percent of the loans granted to small businesses are made by commercial banks. A few more than ten percent are made by friends or relatives of the borrower, and about three percent by finance companies. Another three percent will be granted by insurance companies. This will give you an idea of possible money sources for your clients.

You must remember, when a prospective borrower tells you how much money he needs, and what he wants to use it for, it is your job to evaluate his proposal and match his particular proposal with sources likely to be interested. As you build your list of money sources, you will find those that specialize in specific categories of loans - for apartment buildings, medical facilities, recreation setups, and a myriad of others.

Most money brokers cultivate the savings and loan companies, union pension funds, life insurance trust companies, credit unions, private investor groups, and even the small loan companies. The important thing to remember is that if you're go ing to bring together people needing money and people with money to lend, you have to continually develop contacts in order to build your list of money sources. It is very helpful to get to
know your local bank officials because oftentimes they can refer you to a person you can really serve, because he doesn't qualify for a bank loan.

You will learn also that most sources of venture capital - money for business start-ups - want an equity share of the business. They generally don't require that the money they put up be repaid, because they're hoping to make their profit from a share of the business as it grows and becomes more and more profitable. They especially like to get in on the "ground floor" of small companies who plan to issue public shares of stock when
they begin to grow.

Still another angle that money brokers should develop is contact with a number of people who might be interested in investing as silent partners in new or growing business ventures. Silent partners invest in a business without assuming any liability relative to debts the business may incur, while still sharing in the total profits of the business. In most areas of the country, there are always a number of wealthy people around who are interested in investing small amounts of money in any number of business ventures - sometimes as many as they can get in on.

Until you've actually placed a few loans, you're undoubtedly going to occasionally spend a lot of time attempting to sell a loan that just can't be sold. You will have to develop your skill in evaluating from the facts your borrower gives you, the possibility of obtaining a loan for him. Your evaluation will be based upon how much he wants, for how long, and terms (time period and interest rate), his past business experience, and the
feasibility of his plan for success in the planned business. While it does take some time and concentration to differentiate the "winners" from the "losers," be aware from the beginning, and you will be less likely to be caught up in efforts to place a loan that just can't be placed.

Of primary importance to your lenders is your client's collateral, which would assure repayment of the loan in the event of failure of the business. Lenders won't even listen to, or bother to look at a proposal that is not backed up with realistic collateral to support the loan. And you may count on this: They will call you on any profit projections based only on your borrower's glowing predictions. These are the things you as a money broker must evaluate before getting too deeply involved. If the loan doesn't have the look of at least an even chance of being approved, better to give it to your client straight. It will save him grief in the long run, and will allow you to go on to another proposal with better chances of success.

When you go into the matter of collateral with a client, by all means be thorough and inquisitive in working with him. Many borrowers have collateral they have never thought of in terms of security. For instance, antiques, coin or stamp collections, life
insurance policies, even a wealthy friend or so who would sign as guarantor(s) of a loan. Remember also any accounts receivable, promissory notes, machinery and equipment, and any real estate equity.

When you've listed all the collateral that can be dug up, you have to demonstrate very clearly just how the loan is going to be repaid - and particularly if the business fails. Collateral is a necessary part of any loan transaction, but it usually is not enough to satisfy the entire face value of the loan. Thus, in addition to collateral, the borrower has to have a clear and provable plan for repaying the money he borrows.

So long as you work through the commercial banks, you shouldn't need any kind of broker's license. But to be sure, you will want to check with your local licensing authorities. In the end, you'll probably want to get a real estate broker's license, because in many cases, real estate will figure into the loan in one way or another. However, you can get started without one. If you run into an immediate need for a real estate broker's license, you can always make an arrangement with someone who has one and let him be the "licence of record."

Finally - and possible the Number One requisite for success in your Business Financing Service venture is this: You are going to need, and really must have, enough money available or coming in from some outside source(s), to sustain your daily living for at least the first three months before you open for business.

It will probably take you two to three weeks to put together each of your first loan proposals. You're working (investing your time) but the money won't be coming in until you finish the job. But even when everything is ready and you begin trying to place a
loan, it could take you anywhere from three weeks to three months to get the final approval.

So the best way to get started as a money broker is, as we discussed earlier in this report, to start on a part-time basis while you are still holding down a regular job. Remember, you can work out of your home; do some careful planning and become efficient with your time; concentrate on getting those "retainer fees" and proceed with packaging the loan proposals.

There is no effortless way to start this or any other business. You have to start small, do all or most of the work yourself, and in addition to investing your time, you'll have to "prime the pump" with money of your own. However, it can be done, and most assuredly this particular kind of business can take you from pauper to wealth in a short time.

Businesses in every City and town in this country would like to have more money than they currently have available. You can become rich beyond your wildest dreams by helping them. You identify those with money needs and bring them together with the
people or organizations with money to invest.

All it takes is the know-how we've passed along within this business start-up manual, and ACTION on your part - it's up to you!

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Whatever your task, whatever your obstacles, you can be as successful as anyone else. Study the people who accomplished recognition in the areas of your pursuit. How did they achieve their goals?

And don't be afraid you don't have what it takes. As Daniel Webster wrote, "There is always room at the top."


The single attribute that every successful person has is the one-pointed devotion to attain a goal. "There in the sunshine are my highest aspirations," wrote Louisa May Alcott, "I can look up and see their beau§ty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead."

What are your desires? How can you form them into definite goals that you can attain? Lawrence Peter wrote, "If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else."

Maybe you're studying a craft or skill. Perhaps you're caught in a rung of the corporate ladder. Or, you might feel constricted by your family and the environment around you.

Which star are you reaching for? "Ours is a world where people don't know what they want and are willing to go through anything to get it," wrote Don Marquis.

Take the time to think about your own aspirations. Look inside to find what feels right. Almost everyone entertains the notions of fame and fortune, but put on the costume that fits you.

Conviction requires certain qualities of action. You must be sincere and be willing to assume responsibility. And you need the self-discipline necessary to work towards your goals.

Are you prepared to achieve your dreams? Can you form their reality in your mind? Will you devote your entire being to attaining what you want?


Most millionaires are non-conformists. So are the most famous actors and actresses; and the most prominent artists. Writers are known for their individual traits and eccentricities.

Your convictions and goals are your own business, even when you find help along the path. Mentors often take people under their wings to nourish and teach. Or spiritual guides will show you the path to attainment. But you're on your own to achieve.

Cultivate a sense of justice and an ability to make decisions. Cooperate with everybody and develop your own self-respect. And follow good criticism and advice after you've judged carefully. J. Paul Getty said, "I advise young millionaires to be skeptical of advice. They should advise themselves; they should form their own opinions."

Lord Byron wrote, "There is rapture on the lonely shore." And if you attain your goals with poise and sincerity, you'll find warmth and love at the top - not the cold loneliness pictured by the jealous.

Put on blinders to negative comments and criticism meant to hurt you. About the people who criticize, Voltaire wrote, "Never having been able to succeed in the world, they took revenge by speaking ill of it."


People are judged by what they think and what they say. But the true measure of their character is what they do. Anyone who has achieved success and fortune in the world has done it by action.

William Jennings Bryan wrote, "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

The choice of the path you follow is often put before you as opportunity. "Few people recognize opportunity," said Cary Grant, "because it comes disguised as hard work."

Don't let opportunities slip past while you're still considering them, and create new ones as you see them. "Wise people make more opportunities than they find," said Francis Bacon.

What opportunities can you act upon? Woolworth saw a need for small inexpensive items and opened the chain of stores that grossed billions. Wrigley started giving gum away as a bonus from a supplies wagon he sold from, and saw the opportunity to make mon§ey from the gum that became in high demand.

All successful people the world over have found the opportunities for their own special talents and acted upon those ways to achieve. Why wait for the time to pass? There's never a better time than now.

"Sometimes," wrote Lewis Carroll believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Take your own impossible dreams and make them become reality.


Thousands of potential millionaires are born every year. And making a million dollars is coming closer to everyone's pocket. What advice did the money-makers follow?

Aristotle Onassis worked eighteen hours a day to maintain his fortune. He started as a welder and aimed for the top. "You have to think money day and night," he said, "you should even dream about it in your sleep."

John D. Rockefeller, Jr., said, "I believe in the dignity of labor, wheth§er with head or hand; that the world owes every person an opportunity to make a living."

And J. Paul Getty acknowledged his hard work: "I have no complex about wealth. I have worked hard for my money, producing things people need."

Even Proverbs advises: "In all labor there is profit."

Richard Bach, the author of the best selling "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" wrote, "You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however."

The Empress of the British Empire, Queen Victoria, admonished, "We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat."


There are qualities of endeavor and achievement that are common to many people who make it to the top. The following questions are a guideline to self-enterprise and attaining your goals.

1. Do you prefer to work for yourself than for others?

2. Are you well-informed on current business and political affairs?

3. Are you a leader?

4. Do you take advantage of opportunities?

5. Do you pay attention to what other people say?

6. Can you finish a job even when it is difficult or unpleasant?

7. Are you challenged by problems?

8. Do you have a goal you want to achieve?

9. Do you consider other people?

10. Do you strive to attain?

11. Can you obey commands?

12. Can you bounce back after defeat?

13. Do you believe in yourself?

14. Can you stand by your actions in spite of criticism?

15. Can you follow instructions?

16. Can you respond to the needs of others?

17. Will you give credit to other

18. Can you make your own decisions?

19. Are you determined?

20. Are you ready for success?


What do you want? Are you looking for financial security, professional acknowledgment, spiritual attainment? Do you want to fit better socially, or become more expressive creatively? Establish the goal that's right for you.

Then turn that goal from a dream into a desire. You want to realize that goal, not just wish for it. Aesop said, "Beware that you do not lose the substance by grabbing at the shadow." Know exactly what you want, then go for it.

Don't be tricked by your own procrastination - especially if you want to achieve something artistic. The writer Thomas Wolfe wrote, "I had been sustained by that delightful illusion of success which we all have when we dream about the books we are going to write instead of actually doing them. Now I was face to face with it, and suddenly I realized that I had committed my life and my integrity so irrevocably to this struggle that I must conquer now or be destroyed."

Can you see what you want? If you want the abundance of material wealth that money provides, what goal will give you that money? Do you want the prestige of owning your own business? What business do you want to begin?

Where are the opportunities for you? Talk to everyone in the business you want to join. Make friends in the literary or art societies in your area. Read books and articles about your field of endeavor. How can you attain your goal?

"If you don't want to work, you have to work to earn enough money so that you don't have to work," wrote Ogden Nash. And isn't that the way" Money makes money; success breeds success. But not always. How can you break through those thoughts to help yourself to the rewards?

Henry David Thoreau wrote, "I have learned this at least by my experiment: that if you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you imagine, you will meet with success."

Think big and visualize success. Do you see yourself in a big house? Maybe you picture your artwork hanging in a gallery. Can you feel your book in print and in your hands? How does it feel to be a person of success? Believe that you are; believe that it is in your grasp. That's what the others did, and that's how people make it to the top.

Then get down to basics. Be precise. Exactly how much money do you want, and by what date? And exactly what are you going to do to earn that money? Be realistic, but give yourself short-term goals.

Write it down. In six months or one year, you will have how much money. And repeat it until it feels good. Then repeat it twice a day until it swirls in your subconscious, until it becomes your one-pointed goal.

"The goal stands up, the keeper stands up to keep the goal," wrote A.E. Housman.


Make people feel at ease. They will respond to your needs as you respond to theirs.

Share the spotlight. Give credit to those who deserve it - and to those who strive. Don't grab praise away from other people.

Have confidence in your own value. Don't do anything that won't credit your own self-respect. Follow up your actions as they reflect your own self-worth.

Listen well to others' comments. Then weigh your own actions. Cultivate relationships with people who have good and important things to say.

Participate in life. Be active in business meetings and endeavors; volunteer to be part of organizations and groups. Social interaction will boost your sense of well-being .

Feel worthy of your own goal. Know that you can attain it and that it is right for you.

Grasp your own challenge. Don't give yourself impossible goals, but always reach higher.

Relax and be yourself. Each person is different and just as wonderful as the next. Don't be plagued by what you think others think of you.

Don't bathe in success - use it. Once you achieve your first goal, go on to others. Use the money you earn for the rewards you look for. Then go on to the next endeavor.

Be slow to criticize others' achievements. Find out how they did it and learn from them.

Never use subterfuge. Don't go behind someone's back. Speak your mind and earn respect.

Banish negative thoughts and traits. Restructure your life to exclude bad habits.

Believe in yourself and what you are to accomplish. All the power in the world is within you to achieve.


"To get profit without risk, experience without danger, and reward without work, is as impossible as it is to live without being born," wrote A.P. Gouthey. Every person who has attained something worthwhile has worked for that goal.

Cary Grant said, "I do believe that people can do practically anything they set out to do if they apply themselves diligently and learn."

Which path is the right way towards your goal? Do you need more education? Do you need a few years experience in your field of business? Maybe you need a teacher or guide to help you practice.

"I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached, as by the obstacles which are overcome while trying to succeed," wrote Booker T. Washington.

What obstacles are in your way? Consider them as easy to pass through as hurdles are to a champion runner. Take each obstacle as a special challenge placed especially for you. Approach it with intelligence and courage, then learn what it has to teach.

"Success is a journey," said Ben Sweetland, "not a destination." For some, the process of attainment is the attainment itself. They move on, keep growing and expanding. There is no still water at the top.

"The message from the moon is that no problem need any longer be considered insoluble," wrote Norman Cousins. And you can attain anything that seems impossible.

If you have a problem that needs to be solved, sit calmly and consider it with a clear mind. Observe all the consequences of the actions - both good and bad. Ponder the paths and actions and contemplate the core of the problem. The solution will appear.

"Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you for everyone who asketh, receiveth. He that seeketh, findeth and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened."

Tap the inner self and encourage positive actions. With each outgoing breath, release the impossible; at each incoming breath, inhale the attainable. Demand the best of yourself, but don't despair from an overused sense of perfection.

What can you learn? And who can teach you? Can you attend classes and seminars from universities near home? Check out books from the libraries and absorb the material. Find a master and become an apprentice.

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty," said Henry Ford. "Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young."

Never stop learning; never stop growing and expanding as a person and in your personal endeavor.


As you consider the success you desire, you need to affirm its possibilities and develop the self-confidence necessary to attain the goals. Learn to do things well. "If you know how to do one thing well, you can do everything," wrote the philosopher Gurdjieff.

Are you ready for success?

Is what you are doing now helping you to achieve your goals?

Do you weigh the consequences before making a decision?

Is this the best use of your time?

Do you cooperate with everyone and help cultivate their best potentials?Are you warm and sincere?

Do you have the courage to succeed?

Do you have the self-discipline necessary to achieve your goals?

Do you have a realistic sense of self-worth?

Do you give more than you take?

Do you have the courage to fail, and then pick up and try again?

Can you assume responsibility without blaming others if things go wrong?

Are you strong?

Can you be sympathetic to life and its sufferings?

Can you say no?

Will you follow your convictions and plans to achieve?

Do you sincerely want to achieve the goals you have chosen?


"The price of greatness is responsibility," wrote Winston Churchill. Are you willing to take the responsibility once you attain the success you desire?

"The deepest personal defeat suffered by human beings is constituted by the difference between what one was capable of becoming and what one has in fact become," wrote Ashley Montague. And the greatest tragedy is to become less than your full potential, using less than the abilities you have to work with.

Are you waiting for something to happen? Maybe you're waiting for a job offer, or a promotion. Perhaps you're waiting until you get good enough at a craft or skill. Or are you waiting for the inspiration of creativity to strike your life?

It is up to you to take the actions and be responsible for their consequences. "Our responsibility: every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty," wrote John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Inspire yourself. Read books that will spurn you to action; talk to people who have the vitality you admire. How would you like to lead your life? And make the changes necessary to be like that. "There is nothing permanent except change," wrote Heraclitus. What changes do you want to make? What are you waiting for?


What actions will take you closer to your goals? Decide upon the steps and write them down. Review them until you feel comfortable with those steps. Then repeat them at least once a day, crossing them off as you accomplish them.

"I believe there is no escape from the rule that We must do many, many little things to accomplish even just one big thing," said James Dupont. "This gives me patience when I need it most."

The most rewarding accomplishments are those that take long to achieve and present difficulties. It is only through these difficulties that a person can rise above the rest to be the unusual, the outspoken and the well-deserved.

As if building a kit, follow your own instructions. Decide your best courses of action and achieve their benefits. Whether the steps are small or large, make them achievable and then do them. Don't commit yourself to things that you never intend to do.

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there," said Will Rogers. Don't be paralyzed by inaction; rather act upon your own convictions.

Set yourself up for rewards. Don't give yourself goals that have no feeling of satisfaction or no monetary rewards. If you want to be an artist, be the best and learn from the best. Don't dwell on imperfections or the awkwardness of unpolished skills.

If you go into business, do it for profit or reinvestment. "In business, the earning of profit is something more than an incident of success. It is an essential condition of success. Because the continued absence of profit itself spells failure," said Justice Brandeis.

Marchant wrote, "To be a success in business, be daring, be first, be different." Think of ways to achieve the best; formulas to increase productivity or decrease overhead. Profit is your drive.

"Profitability is the sovereign criterion of the enterprise," wrote Peter Drucker. And, profitability is the core of any achievement - whether financial or artistic.

Once you achieve your goals, think of ways to benefit others. "Money-getters are the benefactors of our race," said P.T. Barnum. "To them we are indebted for our institutions of learning, and of art, our academies, colleges and churches." How can you benefit humankind and still keep enough to fulfill your own desires?


Not all success can be counted in dollars; not all richness is measured by money. "The great secret of success is to go through life as a person who never gets used up," said Albert Schweitzer. "Retire upon yourself and look for the ultimate cause of things inside you."

Look within yourself for the ultimate inspiration, and follow the true feelings you discover. "One of my favorite methods is to whisper," said Alfred Hitchcock. "I've discovered the best work is done with sweet reason."

Act upon your own conscience -that guides; that judges your actions and signals your behavior. "Conscience is the inner voice that warns us that someone may be looking," wrote H.L. Mencken.

Accomplish what you desire; fulfill your inner yearnings. But don't compromise your deepest feelings.

"We do our best that we know how at the moment, and if it doesn't turn out, we modify it," said F.D. Roosevelt.

Follow the paths that life offers you and live the fullest existence you can.


Look at yourself and look at those who have succeeded throughout history. Do you have what it takes? Even if you have only a few of the qualities of the other great people, you can achieve your heart's desire.

Reach for the highest, then reach higher. Accomplish your steps one by one on a daily basis, always moving forward, always making progress. Encourage yourself. Insist that you can succeed and affirm these thoughts daily.

Keep a sense of proportion and judge for yourself. Then keep busy at the tasks you've set out to accomplish. What's keeping you? "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration," said Albert Einstein.

Find inspiration wherever you can. Talk to people; read about people; learn your business or craft. Believe that you can do it and you will. The only way to dispel the doubt that you can do something is to finish it.

Always be the best you can be. Never fall short from fatigue or lethargy. Don't attempt to do anything that you can't give your all to.

There is no way to inner satisfaction without appealing to the higher consciousness. Search within and without to find the paths that are meant for you and follow them with conviction and a steady heart. And, you will succeed to become as rich and full as you ever desired.

Harold Ickes wanted the "freedom to live one's life with the window of the soul open to new thoughts, new ideas and new aspirations."

And Woody Allen looked for a clear path. "If only God would give me some clear sign" he said. "Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank."

Finally, Sophie Tucker sums up everyone's worldly outlook: "I've been rich and I've been poor," she said. "Rich is better."

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