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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 2011 Google Adsense Earners

I actually started putting out my own list on you tube about 5 yrs ago people are still making BUCOO!
$DOLLARS using google adsense here is a list of the top 2011 earners who are making  a kings ransom monthly.

Markus Frind et sa blonde, Annie Kanciar, une jeune graphiste web. <em>Photo : Nick Procaylo </em>

Kevin Rose on the cover of BusinessWeek, circa 2006 

2. Kevin Rose: Digg.com : $250,000 per month
As we know, Kevin Rose is almost a celebrity figure online. This is where everything is happening. Aside from everything, he is generating stinking $250,000 per month. That is $3M per year! Of course the site worth a lot more than this, but he is rocking the Adsense.

Jeremy Schoemaker : $140,000 per month
Mr. Shoemaker or ShoeMoney. I remember when this guy first came on Youtube, and gave alot of buzz. Once again, just from Google Adsense alone, he is making $140,000 per month. Currently, he is building his own cash empire with Affiliate marketing, and other cash generating residuals. Unlike most of the other Google advertisers ShoeMoney makes his money from hundreds of sites and thousands of domains.

4. Jason Calacanis : Weblogs, Inc. : $120,000 per month
Next to ShoeMoney, we have Jason Calacanis. He is the creator of Weblogs. Basically, his site allows other people to network with blogging. The site has been acquired by AOL in 2008.

5. David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard : FreeWebLayouts.net- $100,000 per month
Rank 5 is Mr. David Miles and Kato Leonard. I do not know much about these guys, but according to WP (Washington Post), they are claiming to make $100k a month from the site alone. FreeWebLayouts.net offers free MySpace templates. Of course, this was before MySpace recession.

6. Tim Carter : AskTheBuilder.com : $30,000 per month

7. Joel Comm : e-book : $24,000 per month 

8. Shawn Hogan : DigitalPoint.com : $10,000 per month



Monday, June 11, 2012

Mega Bucks$$$$ To Be Made In The Lost Art Of Manufacturing

 Hard to believe
Not even 50 years ago America dominated the world in manufacturing making over 60% of the worlds cars,TVs
furniture clothes and electronics.
The US in fact actually invented mobile phones and for the first few years dominated the manufacturing of cell phones as well.
But now after a full decade in the 21st century America only manufactures about 15% or less of the worlds goods produced.China has stepped in and has eaten Americas lunch, dinner and breakfast in world manufacturing.
The fact that the US no longer manufactures anything is really bad for jobs and employment but "GREAT"
for the small home based entrepreneur there is literally Millions of dollars awaiting those in the US that can
manufacture products even if you start small. US consumers spend trillions on manufactured products yearly
unfortunately most of that money goes directly to China because US citizens have lost the art of manufacturing.
Today thanks to the Internet its more easier to make things than ever in history, but sadly enough most Americans failed to take advantage of the this golden opportunity.
Don't sleep start manufacturing your own products today make a ton of money and in the process make


mean something again.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Three Laws Of Financial Security

        How To Attain Financial Security

060612 sports nba top earners money    
As our economy shrinks more and more people of all walks of life are trying to make ends meet.
There are actually three universal laws that have been put into place that guarantees financial security
even in a down economy. 

The 3 Laws

Give away 10% of your income to church,charity,or to those less fortunate.

2.Pay youself 1st
pay yourself 10% of of your income this money should be saved for emergencies or investments.

Invest at least 10% of your income,even if your earnings are small at the present take 10% of your earnings
and look for small investment opportunities that will allow you to make money on your money.

If you follow these 3 simple financial laws you will have financial security regardless of how the economy
is doing guaranteed!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Why Now Is A Great Time To Start A Home Based Business

With the recent jobs numbers out for spring 2012 one cant help but wonder is America still a land of opportunity some say more than 100 million working age adults unemployed.
How depressing but believe it or not America is full of opportunity if you know were to look.
Its a gimme that most of the well paying jobs are gone and unforetunately gone for good, theres
no way under the sun that we can compete with far east countries mainly China that pays there workers
a dollar a day or less.

So please dont hold your breath waiting for a job that pays the way you use to get paid in the 1990s or even the early 2000s for that matter there gone.

But there is still a very "BRIGHT SIDE" to the American economy. America generates over 15 trillion
dollars a yr with the majority of that number coming from US consumer spending.

You may not be able to get a good paying job, but you can definetly make a living in your own Home Based Business supplying products or services.

American consumers are going to spend trillions of dollars this yr alone get your share by starting your own Home Based Business today.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

How To Make Money In A Depression


The recent jobs report tells it all some say there are over 100 million working age adults unemployed.
to some thats just a number but for many its every day life.
how can someone survive in america without a job.
here is a few tips on how to make money even if your unemployed.There may not be an explosion of new jobs
availible but there has been an explosion of population growth in the US the way to make money is to realize
all of the masses you see and live around daily need something.
It may be a product or a service.Make your own job by supplying the masses with products or services or both.

Here are 5 easy to start low start up cost businesses that you can start today and make money tommorow.

1. Window Cleaning.
Before you laugh self employed window cleaners avg $25.00 an hour or more.

2.Carpet Cleaning
Self employed Carpet Cleaners avg $25.00-$50.00 an hour

3.Direct Sales
If your willing to go for it the skys the limit in direct sales

4.Window Tinting
$50.00 to $100 an hour easy ( some learning required)

5.Land Scaping (Mowing Lawns)
If you charge just $20.00 per home one can make a $100.00 dollars a day easy with just 5 customers

There are many services are products one can sell to make either a part-time or full time income
if your unemployed what are you waiting for start a home based business today and get PAID$

home based business

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