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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

How To Make Money In A Depression


The recent jobs report tells it all some say there are over 100 million working age adults unemployed.
to some thats just a number but for many its every day life.
how can someone survive in america without a job.
here is a few tips on how to make money even if your unemployed.There may not be an explosion of new jobs
availible but there has been an explosion of population growth in the US the way to make money is to realize
all of the masses you see and live around daily need something.
It may be a product or a service.Make your own job by supplying the masses with products or services or both.

Here are 5 easy to start low start up cost businesses that you can start today and make money tommorow.

1. Window Cleaning.
Before you laugh self employed window cleaners avg $25.00 an hour or more.

2.Carpet Cleaning
Self employed Carpet Cleaners avg $25.00-$50.00 an hour

3.Direct Sales
If your willing to go for it the skys the limit in direct sales

4.Window Tinting
$50.00 to $100 an hour easy ( some learning required)

5.Land Scaping (Mowing Lawns)
If you charge just $20.00 per home one can make a $100.00 dollars a day easy with just 5 customers

There are many services are products one can sell to make either a part-time or full time income
if your unemployed what are you waiting for start a home based business today and get PAID$

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