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Monday, June 11, 2012

Mega Bucks$$$$ To Be Made In The Lost Art Of Manufacturing

 Hard to believe
Not even 50 years ago America dominated the world in manufacturing making over 60% of the worlds cars,TVs
furniture clothes and electronics.
The US in fact actually invented mobile phones and for the first few years dominated the manufacturing of cell phones as well.
But now after a full decade in the 21st century America only manufactures about 15% or less of the worlds goods produced.China has stepped in and has eaten Americas lunch, dinner and breakfast in world manufacturing.
The fact that the US no longer manufactures anything is really bad for jobs and employment but "GREAT"
for the small home based entrepreneur there is literally Millions of dollars awaiting those in the US that can
manufacture products even if you start small. US consumers spend trillions on manufactured products yearly
unfortunately most of that money goes directly to China because US citizens have lost the art of manufacturing.
Today thanks to the Internet its more easier to make things than ever in history, but sadly enough most Americans failed to take advantage of the this golden opportunity.
Don't sleep start manufacturing your own products today make a ton of money and in the process make


mean something again.

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