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Monday, January 30, 2006


How To Increase Your Website Traffic...Using An Email Newsletter
Copyright © 2006 Jim Boere

One thing I do like about sending email newsletters is that it makes it so easy for people to reply to you. My experience has been that one does get more response from readers of a newsletter send by email, and that's a good thing!

People should always be able to easily contact you and ask questions. Building a personal relationship with your subscribers is crucial, and email is certainly a great tool for doing that.

But an online newsletter does have some major advantages as well, like the ability to use multi-media to get your message across. And the fact that once you get people to visit your website you can try to capitalize on that website traffic. By recommending (affiliate) products, by having AdSense ad blocks on your site, and so on.

A downside is that not everybody will take the trouble of bookmarking your site and returning there each time you publish your newsletter. Even when you send out notification emails... People usually get dozens of emails a day to go through, and convincing them to visit your site regularly is not as easy as it may sound.

So the choice between an email or online newsletter can be a bit of a tricky one... But did you know that with a few simple tricks you can take full advantage of both options? Well, you can!

I started out sending just an email version, but after a year or so started seeing response rates go down. So I switched to an online version, using screenshots and graphics and stuff. It looked nice, it improved my website traffic stats and I was quite happy with it. But it was a lot of work preparing them...it really took a lot more time than 'simply' sending out emails. Time I didn't really have with all the other things I had going on as well. On top of that quite a few loyal subscribers said they preferred the old email version.

What did I do? A bit of both.

I'll now have online 'specials' when I do want to use multi-media to explain or teach something. But the basic newsletter I send out by email. In the emails though I'll put incentives for people to visit my site. For example by putting only the first two paragraphs of an article in the newsletter and have readers click a link to read the full article. That article will then be on my website, of course.

Gives me a chance to put some AdSense ads on those pages too, or a recommendation for related product that I'm selling / promoting, and create some additional revenue that way.

My findings so far are that people seem to like this format. More people get to read my information and it considerably reduced the amount of time I 'have' to spend on it. Time I can now spend on other projects.

I was recently approached by one of my own subscribers. He had spend a lot of time and energy in creating an online newsletter that he was publishing once a week. Understandably so, he didn't really want to give it up. But being on my list and seeing that I published my newsletter mostly by email made him doubt whether he was making the right decision. My advise to him was this:

"As your online newsletter looks great as it is, it would be a real shame to stop publishing it. So I wouldn't do that. But, during the week send two or three short email messages to your list with the objective to get people to read the online newsletter."

Here's a few suggestions:

* Send an email containing 5 tips on a certain topic that you know from experience has your readers interest. Include a link to a page on your site where there's 5 or 10 more tips on that topic.

* Put just two or three paragraphs of an article in the email, have the full article on your website.

* Announce by email that you've got for example a blog & RSS special just uploaded to your site, and make them click to it.

* Have directories on your site. For example, I have a page with a list of article directories. Every now and then I'll refer to the page in my newsletter, give people the link and recommend they bookmark it so they can re-visit whenever they need the information...

These are just a few examples of things you can do to get your email readers to visit your website as well.

I found that an online newsletter offers several opportunities that an email newsletter simply doesn't. You just need to be creative and get people to visit it. Combining the both might just be the answer for you too.

Hope I gave you some ideas.


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